Campbell River Doctors speak about bed shortages

Plans for Campbell River’s new hospital will leave the community woefully short of beds, according to doctors practicing in the city at the moment.

“We had 103 patients at the hospital a couple of weeks ago,” said Dr Deke Botsford, a Campbell River orthopedic surgeon. “It was about that number for five days.

“That’s about 20 people more than the current hospital should house. The new hospital is going to have just 95 beds. That’s not looking to the future.”

Dr Botsford was joined by Dr. Peter Olesen and Dr. Bob Gordon at his Willow Point office to voice their concerns. With the project still out to tender and the expectation that building will not start until next year, it is hoped that plans can be changed and bed numbers increased.
In the spring, a meeting of Campbell River hospital doctors agreed to the plans but many now feel that they were coerced, with the threat that if they did not agree there would not be a new hospital.

“This whole development has been handled extremely badly by the health authority,” said North Island MLA, Claire Trevena. “We keep telling them that there will not be enough capacity at the new hospital.

“The bureaucracy has not listened to the community. We can only hope it will listen to the doctors.”

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